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The ULTIMATE Zone lives up to its name—it's the largest Soft Play Zone in all of South Florida! Designed for expansive spaces and grand events, its size makes it perfect for creating a big impact. Whether you're hosting a large celebration or have a spacious venue, the ULTIMATE Zone ensures an extraordinary and unmatched soft play experience for the little ones. It's not just a zone; it's a statement, making your event the talk of the town! 🌟🎉🏰


Measurements: 33ft x 15ft




  • Includes:

    • Large Multicolor Round Ball Pit (10ft X 10ft)
    • White and Clear Disinfected Balls
    • Giant Beam Obstacle Course (Includes: 2 climbers, 3 mini slides, balance beam)
    • Mini Climber
    • 2 Animal Hoppers
    • Soft Flooring (white or colored)
    • Fences (white, blue or green)
    • Up to 4 hours of fun!


    Want to add a slide? contact us !

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