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Introducing the Supreme Zone – it's the Le Petit, but better and bigger! Specifically crafted for the safety and enjoyment of little ones aged 5 and under, this zone takes the fun to new heights. With enhanced features and a larger design, the Supreme Zone provides a secure and entertaining play experience, ensuring that your event is a hit with the youngest guests. It's the perfect blend of safety and excitement for a supreme playtime adventure! 🌈👶🏽🚀


Measurements: 15ft X 18ft

Zone can be adapted to your space to fit  15ft X 15ft


Available in 2 color pallets!




  • Includes:

    • Round 5ft Ball Pit
    • White and Clear Balls (Disinfected)
    • Rock Climbing Double Tunnel AND Rainbow
    • Large Building Blocks
    • 2 Animal Hoppers
    • 1 Horse Rockers
    • Soft Foam Tile Flooring (Color selection)
    • Fence (White blue, green, pink)
    • Up to 4 hours of fun!
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