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Posh Zone


Posh Zone


Luxury meets fun! This all-white playground is great for toddlers ages 6 and under. With enough room for babies to crawl and toddlers to explore, it will be the highlight of your event! Parents are welcome inside the large ball pit (No adults on castle).

Add a touch of color to the ball pit balls to match your theme.

Measurements: 27ft (L) X 12ft (W) X 9ft (H)


  • Large Round Ball Pit (10ft)
  • White Toddler Bouncy Castle (8ft X 8ft)
  • Thick Foam Flooring
  • Large Number Blocks (Pastel Pink or Pastel Blue)
  • 2 Animal Hoppers
  • Fences
  • Up to 4 hours of fun!
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