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Le Petit Zone (2 Colors Available)


Le Petit Zone (2 Colors Available)


Perfect for active toddlers and medium spaces. Zone is designed for toddlers ages 4 and under. Equipment is sturdy to stand the weight of 5-year-olds but still soft-padded to prevent any hard falls. Crawlers enjoy going under the tunnels and getting inside the ball pit with Mommy. 

Measurements: 15ft (W) X 15ft (W) 
Zone can be adapted to your space to fit 12ft X 12ft or 15ft X 2ft


  • Round 5ft Ball Pit 
  • White and Clear Balls (Disinfected)
  • Rock Climbing Double Tunnel  OR Rainbow Climber
  • Large Number Blocks
  • 2 Animal Hoppers
  • 1 Horse Rockers
  • Soft Foam Tile Flooring
  • Fence
  • Up to 4 Hours of fun!
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