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Ideal for energetic toddlers and versatile for medium-sized spaces, our zone is tailor-made for little ones aged 4 and under. While the equipment is robust enough to support the weight of 5-year-olds, it's thoughtfully soft-padded to ensure a safe play environment and prevent any potential hard falls. Crawlers, in particular, find joy in exploring under the tunnels and diving into the ball pit, creating delightful moments with Mommy by their side.


Safety, fun, and exploration blend seamlessly in our specially designed zone for your little adventurers! 🌈👶🏽✨



  • Measurements: 12ft X 15ft

    Zone can be adapted to your space to fit 12ft X 12ft & 15ft X 15ft


    • Round 5ft Ball Pit
    • White and Clear Balls (Disinfected)
    • Rock Climbing Double Tunnel OR Rainbow
    • Large Building Blocks
    • 2 Animal Hoppers
    • 1 Horse Rockers
    • Soft Foam Tile Flooring (Color selection)
    • Fence (White blue, green, pink)
    • Up to 4 hours of fun!
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