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Bounce and Slide into a world of excitement! 🎉 Our Bounce and Slide Bouncy is a thrilling adventure for children where joy knows no bounds! This bouncy offers the perfect blend of bouncing and sliding, creating an exhilarating combination that keeps the little ones entertained for hours.


Baby Zone Miami brings the fun to your events with clean, safe, and entertaining inflatables. Our Bounce and Slide Bouncy is designed to create memorable experiences for children, ensuring your event is a hit!



Castle: 13.5ft (W)  X 13.5ft (L) X 13.5ft (H)
Space Required: 14ft (W) X 18ft (L) X 13.5ft (H)

Rental includes: 4 hours of FUN!!


Add colorful balloons for an added touch of joy! (+400$)




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