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We are a


and operated business!

Yup. That's us! Marian (left) and Zulay (right). 

We are two friends who happened to give birth only 3 months apart (Boy Moms, yay!). We have developed a beautiful bond all throughout our pregnancies and through the very beautiful, yet exhausting, journey called MOTHERHOOD.
How was Baby Zone born? It all started when we began to plan our boys' first birthday parties and since they weren't fully walking yet, we wanted to create a fun and safe environment for them to explore. To our surprise, there weren't many options in Miami, FL and BOOM, the idea popped in our brains. After months and months of hard work, we are happy to bring you the most complete, sophisticated, chic, safe, clean, unique and FUN baby / toddler soft play party rental areas to turn all of your events into baby-friendly events!

With Love,

Marian & Zulay

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